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The American Dental Association advises that you can start brushing and flossing your child’s teeth as soon as they start to emerge from the gums. As your son or daughter gets older they can start to play at brushing and flossing their own teeth.

Providing them with a themed toothbrush and child safe toothpaste can easily encourage them to start brushing their own teeth. Once they are done playing at brushing you can make an additional pass with their toothbrush to ensure all the surfaces of their teeth have been cleaned.

Small children often struggle with the technical dexterity needed to floss with traditional dental floss. Providing them with a small floss stick that uses waxed dental floss can help them experiment at flossing their own teeth.

As they get older and their manual dexterity improves you can demonstrate how your floss. This might give them the courage to try flossing their own teeth without a floss stick.

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