4 Foods to Avoid for Healthy Teeth

We all know that what we eat matters to our overall health, but did you know the food you eat can affect your teeth as well?  The foods you eat directly affect your dental health. Here are some foods to avoid or reduce for a lifelong, healthy smile.   Citrus is a delicious treat. However,… Read more »

Why Dental Bridges Are Amazing

Perhaps you’ve lost a permanent tooth because of oral trauma or periodontal disease. If so, stay calm and get a dental bridge. Below you’ll find the basics about why dental bridges are amazing: A dental bridge is a dental appliance made of durable porcelain that is custom fit to your mouth. It has three “teeth”… Read more »

Why Not Restore Your Smile with the Aid of Our Dental Crown Restoration?

If you currently have a damaged tooth, why not restore your smile with the aid of a dental crown restoration? Dental crowns are artificial “caps” dentists use to restore a tooth’s function when the natural tooth is damaged. Our dentist, Dr. is pleased to offer dental crowns to replace damaged teeth in your smile. Whether… Read more »

Why Your Smile Changes with Age

If you suspect that your smile may change with age, you are on the right track. Your smile becomes more vulnerable to cavities with age, and one of the reasons is because of a condition called dry mouth. Dry mouth arises commonly as a side effect of prescription medications. Since healthy saliva flow is vital… Read more »

Missing Teeth Can Be Replaced With Dental Implants

If you have missing teeth, the cavity left behind can be a safe haven for a host of unhealthy elements. Food particles and harmful bacteria can use the void as a place to hide from cleaning tools such as brushing and flossing. Don’t let your oral health suffer any longer. Missing teeth can be replaced… Read more »

The History of Dentistry

Dentistry is one of the oldest medical professions. Dental care has changed drastically over the years, with most scientific developments occurring in the last few centuries. Dr. and our team are excited to explore the history of dentistry with you. The first text found documenting dentistry dates back to 5000 BC. Sumerians wrote that “tooth… Read more »

Nail Biting: The Damage it Does to Your Teeth

You may think biting your nails only affects your nails, but did you know that chewing your nails can actually damage your teeth? Fortunately, your nails can grow back, but the damage to your teeth may need professional help before it can be reversed. Your nails are the dirtiest part of your hands and are… Read more »

You Can Strengthen Tooth Enamel with Prescription Fluoride Supplements

If you looked at your tooth enamel under a powerful microscope, you would find tightly packed mineral crystals. Each day, the acidic foods and drinks you consume, as well as the natural bacteria in your mouth, can actually erode the density of these mineral crystals. If this is not counteracted by some means, it will… Read more »

Bleeding Gums: A Few Facts

Many people think that bleeding gums aren’t a big deal. Similarly, several people seem to ignore them entirely. Unfortunately, bleeding gums aren’t normal and could actually be a sign of significant problems. However, please don’t misunderstand—bleeding gums might not always be a sign of trouble. For instance, would you be surprised to learn that if… Read more »

Hardened Tartar Near the Gum Line Promotes Gum Disease

The natural bacteria in your mouth feed off of residual food particles and sugars in your mouth. If they are not cleaned away during the course of your daily oral hygiene routine it can form into plaque, which can quickly harden into tartar. Hardened tartar at the gum line is considered to be the leading… Read more »