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When seeking the ideal oral health care to improve your smile, it is essential to look for oral health care treatments that can adequately fix your smile without leaving any noticeable marks. One highly effective option for filling in any cavities that may be present is through a tooth restoration procedure known as a composite dental filling. Composite fillings can match the color of your smile and correct any cavities that may be present.

When a hole forms in your tooth enamel, this is known as a cavity. In order to properly treat cavities, the decaying tooth area must be removed, and the area must be filled in with a filling material. Dental fillings are often used to restore teeth that have suffered extensive tooth decay. Ideally, one extremely effective dental filling to consider is a composite dental filling.

Composite dental fillings, also known as tooth-colored composites, are designed to mimic the natural color of your teeth. This is extremely effective for individuals who wish to keep the natural look of their dental profile. Furthermore, composite fillings are very durable and very preventative to tooth fracture. They can easily last 7 to 10 years before replacements may be required.

Although it may be possible for a dental filling to leak, composite dental fillings are extremely good sealants of the margins. This ensures that leakages will not easily occur. Furthermore, they avoid many problematic materials such as mercury, which tends to cause allergies for many individuals.

The pinnacle of oral health and a super smile is possible with composite dental fillings. If you are seeking treatment for composite dental fillings, we are here to help you. For a thorough diagnosis and treatment, please contact C.R. (Chip) Edwards, Jr., D.D.S. to set up an appointment with Dr. C.R. (Chip) Edwards, Jr. and our team at our dentist office in Sanford, Florida by calling us at (407) 322.6052.