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Oftentimes, the best way to take care of your smile is by setting forth prevention treatment plans rather than restoring damage after it occurs. Because your tooth enamel is susceptible to dental erosion and other forms of damage, it may be a good idea to consider the use of dental sealants to help protect your smile against the risks of tooth decay. If you’re at the age where you’re highly susceptible to tooth decay or have genetic predispositions for it, dental sealants should be considered.

Dental sealants are preemptive tooth restorations that provide an additional layer of protection for your teeth. Dental sealants are applied directly to the chewing surfaces of teeth that are most effective on the teeth in the back of your mouth. This includes your molars. Because they’re placed on your molars, they can drastically lower your risk for tooth decay on vulnerable teeth. A single application of dental sealants can lower your risk of tooth decay by as much as 80%.

Dental sealants are safe and effective and can be applied as soon as a child’s molars begin to appear. This typically occurs around the age of 6. Once dental sealants are in place, they can lower a child’s risk for cavities by up to threefold. Furthermore, dental sealants are often clear, so they will not inhibit or impair the natural look of your teeth. With the use of dental sealants in place, your tooth enamel has an added layer of protection to help protect teeth from harmful acids that would normally chew through your enamel.

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